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mbombo Favourstud Nguni Pedigree BullThis breed from the past for the future is one of only three true indigenous South African cattle breeds. The Sanga cattle (Bos Taurus Africanis) originally found along  the  east coast of  Southern Africa are known as the Nguni, and they were found wherever  the original African Nguni tribes settled (Swaziland, Zululand, Mozambique, Zimbabwe).The Nguni's survival after exposure to infectious diseases for many centuries, attests of an acquired tolerance to these conditions.
The Nguni is a small to medium framed animal with a wide range of colours and colour patterns. Different ecotypes developed in the different agro-ecological regions and this diversity is maintained within the breed.
Research and performance recording revealed that the Nguni:
Is highly fertile with a long  productive life
is the most resistant to ticks of all breeds in South Africa and it shows tolerance to tick borne diseases.
Is an excellent dam line for crossbreeding, with no calving difficulties
crosses perform well in feedlots
has meat tenderness characteristics similar  to or exceeding that of exotic breeds
shows higher proportion of total weight and meat in the high priced cuts compared to exotic breeds at the same subcutaneous fat level
has increased nitrogen recycling back to the rumen, which improves microbial growth and organic matter digestion, reducing the nitrogen requirement on low quality pastures, and therefore needs little or no supplementation during winter.
Although there  is no such thing as a universal breed, the Nguni has found its way  to almost every livestock production region in South Africa over the past few years .The breed is selected on functional efficiency and breed characteristics, while maintaining its inherent traits. It is an adapted, low maintenance, breed that will ensure sustainable, economic beef production in South Africa in the face of global warming.
The Nguni was recognized as a developing breed in 1983 under the Livestock Improvement Act (1977) of South Africa, and a Breed Society was established in 1986. It is currently numerically the second largest seed stock beef breed in South Africa.
Classification in terms of animal improvement act: Declared Landrace breed.Nguni Pedigree Cow on Favourstud