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He became allergic to the animals he cares for and breeds! 

Jeroen Verschuren, my husband, who is a VETENARIAN has become allergic to horses and cats just a few years after obtaining his qualifications. For my part, I've always had horses and our life was tricky. It wasn't even needed for Jeroen to be in contact with a horse to trigger an asthma attack. During the years of the "allergy thread" I had to work between my horses and my husband. When one day I was on the internet and came face to face with a photo of a curly horse, titled "BASHKIR CURLY HORSE HYPOALLERGENIC" our lives changed ... 
The Curly breed of horse
Today, Jeroen is doing very well with his allergies and horses. He is happy to raise and heal his CURLIES without asthma attacks, giving him great pleasure!
We have observed that over time Jeroen had fewer allergic reactions. The CURLY is less allergenic than the "normal" horse , allergens are available in doses Homéopatique, Jeroen is gradually desensitized. Now he is able to be stand 5 days, such as for trade fairs, among horses of all breeds, provided he breathes fresh air frequently. We incorporated into our herd in December 2008, 2 PAINT HORSE broodmares he has so far not responded to their contact. But his allergies to dust and hay are still present

Scientific thoughts on this race are very different: a straight horse hair and a curly hair (in varying degrees) and more so-called hypoallergenic. 
The gene responsible for the curly hair was found in a recessive form in other breeds (Quarter - Percheron - Arab - Appaloosa - Missoury Fox Trotters, Tennessee walking horses - Paints - Thunderstorms and Paso finos) without any time, make the asset hypoallergenic. 
The American scientists began to search deeper as to why these curly horses are less allergenic than other horses, which would be a boon for many riders
The curls of a horse are hereditary

      The curls of a horse is hereditary. 
These genes, dominant or recessive, grouped in pairs and inherited from both parents influence the curling of the coat of the unborn foal. 
These genes can combine in three different ways: 
- Two dominant genes = homozygous dominant, 
- Two recessive genes = homozygous recessive, 
- A pair of mixed = heterozygote.
The breed are made by artificial insemination or assembled by hand in any respect for the comfort of mares received. Followed after ovulation in mares, Jereon, owner of livestock, and veterinary, give 2 or 3 ultrasounds control of gestation: at 12/15 days gestation for diagnosis and control of risk of twins, then 20 / 21 days for confirmation of pregnancy, then to 1 and a half months (for breeding mares).

For the hypoallergenic Bashkir Curly to be fully "hypoallergenic" it must be isolated from horses called "normal" a few days before its contact with the allergic person. Before the first meeting with a Curly, the allergic person should be tested in her home, with a sample of hair belonging to the Curly concerned. It might, at first contact, have reaction, therefore, the person must bring his medication, according to the severity of her allergies, under the supervision of their doctor. If there was reaction, the experiment wll be repeated with another curly hair.
Curlys are carefully bred

There are no Curlys that are "NON-ALLERGIC", they are "HYPOALLERGENIC. This means that a person allergic to horses can tolerate Curly reactions with reduced allergic syptoms. There may be a reaction to one Curly but not to another.