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African Horsesickness

Vaccine shortage to be resolved soon.

21 August 2014

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Owners, Trainers and Breeders will be pleased to know that the shortage of AHS vaccine currently being experienced, will be over soon.  

A letter has been distributed by Onderstepoort Biological Products advising that the vaccine will be available again in October 2014.  The letter also says that the reason for the shortage is the extensive upgrading and modernisation of the OBP infrastructure and equipment.  This is good news!  We look forward to the improved vaccine production service.

The National Horseracing Authority is obviously aware of the vaccine shortage.  Because there is some vaccine still available, trainers are encouraged to make every effort to vaccinate the horses in their care according to the rules.  

If Trainers are not able to vaccinate their horses because they are unable to obtain vaccine, they should notify the NHA Senior Veterinarian, Dr Dale Wheeler.  Trainers do however, have until the end of the year to vaccinate.  On the brighter side, it is still the winter period during which AHS is not around so the threat the disease at this time is not great.