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Horseracing Is Unquestionably The Sport Of Kings

January 2014

horse racing the sport of kings

Horseracing is considered the 'sport of kings,' as the events date back to the days when nations were carved into kingdoms. Royal families were once the star spectators of races, but as nations evolved over time, the sport of kings became a popular option for many sports bettors.

In today's world, horseracing is popular in nations around the world with hundreds of racetracks showcasing the best-trained racing horses. Many of the most successful flat racing horses are primarily aged between 2 and 6 years old.

One of the most popular horses in the UK is Regent Encore, a 5 year old racer who was runner-up at the Championship Bundle race earlier this year. Anthony Honeyball, the main trainer responsible for Regent Encore's skill developments, is putting the 5 year old into the Betfred Maiden Hurdle race at Aintree Racecourse on Saturday October 26, and expects the racehorse to be at the centre of a number of betting promotions.

Racing fans can typically place a bet on their favourite race horse at the track through conveniently placed bookmakers or betting shops. The odds on each horse are listed to help sports bettors make a wager that makes them feel comfortable, followed by the race itself out on the track. Fans can also visit many online sportsbetting domains that offer live bets on important races at affiliated racetracks.

Although the sport of kings is popular among many types of racing fans, the UK is one nation where royalty is still profoundly connected to horseracing. Queen Elizabeth is self-admittedly a huge horseracing fan, and owns a number of professional race horses that compete in races across the UK. In fact the Ascot Racecourse is closely associated with the Royal Family, and the Queen's private horse Estimate won the Royal Cup at Ascot earlier this summer.

Horseracing remains one of the most popular and entertaining pastimes for sports fans or racing enthusiasts worldwide. The sheer exhilaration of watching horses race their powerful legs is a feeling beloved by fans everywhere - especially when the horse that you bet on pulls off the win!